Streamline Processes | Enable Automation | Reduce Overheads

Achieve Effectiveness before Efficiency

Inefficient processes are the main cause of high costs

Operating under cumbersome processes forces companies to lower their quality standards unless they increase their overheads.

Companies that operate under complexity need large headcount to run their Supply Chain and Operations

The costs of execution and control of End-To-End business processes depends on the complexity of the Supply Chain and Operations. The higher the complexity, the higher the headcount required.

When teams are engaged in low-value activities, waste of time and resources is inevitable.

Repetitive tasks, manual data-processing, usage of paperwork are all low-value activities. Such activities are error prone and time consuming

We help growing businesses in consumer goods eliminate waste of time, inventory and resources across the Supply Chain

Without lengthy and disruptive transformations

From Repetition to Automation With a Lean Approach

Get Lean Workflows To Work

Through redesign End-To-End Business Processes to eliminate constrains and bottlenecks that are causing high running costs

Save Time and Resources

With Intelligent Cloud Applications paired with Your Existing Business Technology for streamlined, fast, end accurate execution of business tasks

Scale With Confidence

Enable Bottom-up change with no-coding technology that teams can master quickly for long-lasting continuous improvement

The SLD™ Program

Our unique SLD process combines Lean Six Sigma methodology with the power of the Cloud to deliver simple tools that integrate with your company's core system.

Using no-code technology in conjunction with streamlined processes we enable teams to master automation even if they have no IT experience.

Phase 1

Empower Teams to drive bottom-up change

We scope and define objectives with the entire team and give them Lean tools to become Self-Directed Teams who can drive bottom-up change consistently

Phase 2

Streamline Processes to reduce complexity

We map existing processes and facilitate the design of leaner flows using Lean Six Sigma methodology

Phase 3

Enable Automation to achieve speed and accuracy

We design the automation flows using your own business technology that we connect with simple, No-code cloud applications.

Phase 4

Plan for continuous improvement

We train your executives so they can own the SLD methodology to keep driving continuous improvement

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